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September 2014

New Gear

Jack Deville Electronics Announces Dark Echo Pedal

October 3, 2009
The handbuilt Dark Echo delay uses a digital echo processor.
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Gallery: Experience PRS - New Models & Factory

October 1, 2009
Check out the new models on display at Experience PRS, see inside the factory, and see Dweezil Zappa pick wood for his next guitar. Also, a very impressive cake.
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PRS Discontinues 13 Models, Adds 11 25th Anniversary Models

September 30, 2009
PRS Guitars enters a new era with their 25th anniversary
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PRS Announces Starla X, PRS 30 Amp, New Santana & McCarty Signatures, and 25th Anniversary Models

September 29, 2009
Details on the 25th Anniversary Dragon Limited Run, Starla X, Carlos Santana SE One Abraxas, Limited Run Ted McCarty SC and DC 245, 25th Anniversary Acoustics, and PRS 30 tube amp
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Recording King Announces ROS-06 12th Fret 000 Style Guitar

September 29, 2009
The historic Golden Age design of the 12th Fret 000-style ROS-06 marries the specifications of the best-selling RD-06 to the Recording King Century Studio Series body.
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Hughes & Kettner Debuts Coreblade Metal Amp Head

September 28, 2009
H&K announces the successor to the popular Switchblade TSC, the metal-minded Coreblade
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PRS announces new PRS signature cables

September 27, 2009
PRS announces their Signature Series Cables.
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Pro Tone Pedals Introduces the Gold Label Premium Overdrive

September 25, 2009
The Gold Label Overdrive is the first in a new high-end overdrive line from Pro Tone
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Gig-Fx Announces SubWah for Bass

September 24, 2009
The SubWah captures the signature wide sweep range of the Megawah, tailored to bass guitar
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Exclusive: Avid/Digidesign Eleven Rack Demo

September 23, 2009
Stand-alone Recording & Effects Processing System Ideal for Studio and Stage
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