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August Issue

New Gear

Reverend Offers Lefties in Bolt-On Series

February 21, 2009
Reverend announces expanded selection for lefties
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10 Best Digital Recorders for Guitarists

February 16, 2009
A look at 10 digital recorders that''ll make your life a lot easier
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Carl Martin Announces New Pedals

December 22, 2008
Carl Martin introduces the Vintage DC Drive, Vintage Series Flanger and Rock Bug
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December 2008 New Products

November 11, 2008
New products to drool over from Ernie Ball, Dean, Hartman, Goodsell, Breedlove, Jensen, Way Huge and more.
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Carl Martin's Vintage Opto-Compressor

November 3, 2008
Carl Martin introduces his new optical compressor
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November 2008 New Products

October 13, 2008
Parker Acoustic Bass PAB40 Parker promises that the PAB40, an acoustic/electric bass, gives a new level of quality and sound to a performance bass. Utilizing the same groundbreaking body
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October 2008 New Products

September 9, 2008
This month we have a plethora of new products that may go on your wish-list.
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September 2008 New Products

August 15, 2008
The Jensen Jet Tornado The 12” Jensen Jet Tornado generates a defined and articulate sound with 100 watts of power and a neodymium magnet. The neodymium magnets are lightweight
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July 2008 New Products

June 10, 2008
Warwick Starbass II Warwick has announced the “ultra-retro-cool” Starbass II, a reissue of the Framus Star Bass. Merging traditional hollowbody design with modern technology, the top and back of
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June 2008 New Products

May 12, 2008
This month''s new products feature offerings from Dean, Ampeg, Solid Cables, TC Electronic, Carl Martin, Gibson and more.
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