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Recording Tips

Thickening Agents

September 20, 2011
It’s much easier to capture a fat-sounding track if you have a good, thick guitar tone coming out of your amplifier.
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Amp Mic’ing vs. Impulse Responses

August 30, 2011
A microphone is a filter of sorts, and I think what mic(s) you use on your cab and where you place them can have just as much effect on your tone as switching guitars, amps, or speakers.
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How to Be Armed and Ready in the Studio

August 16, 2011
Here are some tips for setting up your studio so you can quickly get into action.
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Wisdom from My First Guitar Teacher

July 27, 2011
Peter Thorn turns to a long-time working guitarist, his first teacher, to see what wisdom he can glean some 30 years later.
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Secrets of Compression, Pt. 1

July 19, 2011
Compression in the studio and how you can apply it to your tracks during mixdown.
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Instant Capture

July 19, 2011
How many times have you come up with a great idea for a lick, riff, or song and said, “I’ve got to remember that,” but then promptly forgot it?
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Happy Accidents

June 14, 2011
If you accidentally capture a track from a mic that was set up in the middle of nowhere, who cares?
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How to Use the iPad Like a Pro Guitarist

June 8, 2011
A guitarist and musical director explains how the iPad has become a central hub for surviving in the studio, in rehearsals, and on the road.
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Psychology of a Working Guitarist

May 23, 2011
How personality spells success as a working guitarist
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Guitar Orchestration: Orchestration Maneuvers in the DAW

May 17, 2011
Add depth, dimension, and emotion to your recordings using techniques gleaned from masters like Beethoven, Stravinsky, and Jimmy Page.
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