February 2017


Go Ahead and Ask: Andy McKee

October 20, 2010
Andy McKee answers reader questions
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Melody Matters

July 1, 2010
Using chords and common tones to craft engaging melodies
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Common Licks and Tricks for Playing "Low Bass Blues"

June 16, 2010
“Low Bass Blues” is based around a popular sliding blues lick at the third fret.
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"City Blue," An Original Fingerstyle Arrangement

January 28, 2010
Learn how to use implied harmony, syncopations, chord voicings, chord textures, tritones and more in your arrangements, plus a full, original arrangement from Bill Piburn.
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Travis Picking: The Basics and Variations

November 18, 2009
Popularized by country legend Merle Travis, Travis Picking usually involves the thumb alternating between two bass notes while the fingers “fill in the holes” on the treble side.
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Percussive Effects: Propel Your Parts by Mimicking Drum-Kit Sounds

September 18, 2009
Think like a drummer for percussive effects that will wow your audience
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September 9, 2009
Switching up DADGAD with some DADGAE shapes
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Travis Picking & Beyond

July 22, 2009
The basics and beyond with one of the most common techniques in fingerstyle
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Droning Strings

May 20, 2009
Creating Unique Acoustic Guitar Riffs Using Open Strings
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Flamenco Techniques: Rasgueados

April 21, 2009
A flamenco technique that is valuable for all acoustic and classical guitarists, rasguaedo is a percussive strumming effect.
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Popping the Bass

March 17, 2009
Learn to pop the bass in the style of delta bluesmen
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Basic Brazilian Guitar Rhythm: The Maxixe

March 17, 2009
Spice up your style with some Brazilian-flavored licks in the maxixe rhythm
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