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Advanced Fingerstyle Techniques: Slapped Harmonics, Tremoloed Bass Notes, and More

April 15, 2010
Add to your techniques with Michael-Hedges, Tuck Andress and even Bootsy Collins-inspired techniques
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12-Bar Blues: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

April 15, 2010
Familiarize yourself with the 12-bar blues and it''ll show up in all different styles
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Riff Blues: Two Essential 12-Bar Patterns

March 11, 2010
Two blues riffs with bass lines and double stops to get you started down a bluesy road
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Voice Leading: Jazz Chord Movement

February 11, 2010
from Chord-Melody Guitar The voice leading principles that are most common are: 1. common tone and/or closest tone, 2. contrary motion, 3. chromatic movement. The examples that follow will
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Jazz Endings: Common Ways to Come to a Conclusion

January 14, 2010
Five jazz endings: Count Basie, Ellington, #IV, bVI-bVII-I and i-bII-i
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Fingerpicking Variations: Embellishing with Add-Ons and Drop-Offs

December 17, 2009
To vary a picking pattern, you can add notes to a basic chord, or drop notes.
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Bossa Nova Rhythms: Common Two-Measure Patterns

September 18, 2009
Several of the most commonly played bossa nova patterns, in their most basic form
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The Bebop Bridge: Ideas for approaching the B Section

August 19, 2009
Ideas for approaching the “B” Section and its common chord changes
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A Bargain Chord

June 17, 2009
Incorporating the guitar''s easiest chords into your music
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