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Brian Setzer: The Thrill Is Anything But Gone

April 19, 2011
Brian Setzer breaks down his love-hate relationship with vintage Gretsches and the roots that fed the dizzying array of styles—from bluegrass banjo to archtop jazz and rockabilly revelry—on his new album "Setzer Goes Instru-MENTAL!"
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CD Review: Jinx Jones - "Rip and Run"

January 17, 2011
Jinx Jones Rip and Run Jinx Jones If you’re into rockabilly and honky-tonk, you already know it can be pretty tough to track down new albums with a satisfying, authentic
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Twang 101: Rockabilly Intros and Outros

January 6, 2011
Bookend your rockabilly tunes with these popular intros and outros.
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Rig Rundown - Reverend Horton Heat

December 13, 2010
PG's Chris Kies is On Location at RIBCO Brewing in Rock Island, IL, where he catches up with rockabilly guitar slinger Jim "Reverend Horton" Heath for another Rig Rundown installment.

In this Rig Rundown video segment, the Rev talks about his signature Gretsch G6120RHH Hollowbody electric guitar, switching from his tried-and-true 1978 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp to a Gretsch Executive combo, and why he uses a rackmount delay during his live shows. In addition to the gear talk, the Rev talks and show off some techniques and playing styles he uses on a nightly basis while performing.
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Bill Kirchen: The Dieselbilly King Rides Again

November 16, 2010
On "Word to the Wise," Bill Kirchen wraps his twangy Tele around a stunning collection of vocal duets to deliver the most compelling music of his career.
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Rockabilly Rhythm Basics

November 9, 2010
Learn finger independence to perfect the Travis picking style necessary for gritty rockabilly rhythm parts
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Hot Banjo Rolls

May 18, 2010
Country Pickin’ in the Style of Albert Lee, Ray Flacke, James Burton, and Others
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Interview: Danny B. Harvey

May 7, 2010
The rockabilly guitarist of The Head Cats and Lonesome spurs talks recording with Lemmy, James Trussart guitars and keeping it simple.
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