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Rhythm & Grooves: Exercise Your Independence

November 15, 2011
Another aspect of fingerstyle technique: fretting-finger independence.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: The Oldsmobile Rides Again

November 15, 2011
After the show, my bandmates and I piled back into my newly purchased but very previously owned Oldsmobile and headed back into farm country where the chickens and our guitars awaited us.
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Rhythm & Grooves: Picking on the Ring Finger

October 18, 2011
This month we begin a series of lessons that focus on developing fingerstyle chops.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: Seafood and Juggling—a Love Story

September 20, 2011
The following phrases are so fresh to me, if they had legs they would still be wiggling around in the air.
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Jazz Bootcamp: Pianist Envy

September 7, 2011
Trying to replicate what you hear on an Oscar Peterson or Bill Evans album can be a daunting task for any guitarist.
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Twang 101: Pedal Steel Bends 101

August 24, 2011
In this lesson, we will look at pedal steel bends that are based out of common triad shapes.
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The Thinking Shredder: Tapping Into the Unusual

August 2, 2011
Today, we are going to look at an unusual way of combining right- and left-hand tapping with some basic scale shapes.
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Beyond Blues: The Bends

July 19, 2011
Bending strings is one of the coolest guitar techniques, and when it comes to playing blues, bends are essential.
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Rhythm & Grooves: Sparkle Voicings

June 14, 2011
In this lesson, we’ll adapt—and greatly simplify—Lenny Breau’s approach, and use it to generate chord voicings that would be difficult or impossible to play with standard guitar technique.
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Deep Blues: Albert King - Bendin' the Blues

May 24, 2011
Learn how to add quarter-step bends to blues phrases and create blues licks in the style of Albert King
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