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TC Electronic RebelHead Bass Amp

January 20, 2009
**UPDATE** 1/22/09 -- TC Electronic has announced they'll be renaming the RebelHead450 to RH450, RebelStack cabinets to RS210/212 (depending on speaker size selection) and the RebelControl to the RC4 (remote). **UPDATE**

After three decades, TC Electronic has now applied its considerable expertise to the bass market. The Rebel series includes the RebelHead450 bass head ($1395 MSRP), RebelStack cabinets (210 $695 MSRP and 212 $845 MSRP) and RebelControl ($195 MSRP) and will be available in the first quarter.

RebelHead450 hides some extraordinary technology behind its more traditional fascia. TC Electronic has a long heritage of designing amps, and with its Active Power Management has effectively designed an amp in RebelHead450 that behaves very much like a tube amp with 450 watts of power. The unit has traditional tone controls but also includes groundbreaking features to really give the amp a personality and sound all of its own. TubeTone emulates all of the characteristics of a traditional tube circuit to deliver an unparalleled and rich experience, while SpectraComp offers the best in studio quality compression for a live situation. With its ?per string? compression, SpectraComp delivers more bite and punch than any other compressor in any other bass amp system. Importantly, as well at the ideal tone players can quickly and easily get the right pitch with RebelHead450?s on-board Tuner. Having a tuner is a fundamental need for bass players, yet so many other amp systems lack this essential asset.

With its flexibility and portability, RebelHead450 is the ideal amp for the studio, road and rehearsal room because bass players can easily take it anywhere they like and use it for whatever they like. With three on-board user memories they can quickly swap sounds or instruments mid gig ? an instant solution for those who want to recall their favorite sonic combinations or who take more than one bass guitar with them on tour. And for the touring musician, Rebelhead450?s Auto-sensing PSU means that players can plug and play safely in whatever country they are in ? no fuse changing necessary. But RebelHead450 isn't just a great amp for touring; the Rehearsal Input socket allows bass players to plug in a variety of audio sources so they can play along with whatever tunes they like for practice, while the Recording Output connection, with a 96kHz direct to digital connection, also makes RebelHead450 the perfect bass solution for the recording studio.

RebelHead450 is available as a standalone unit or combined with custom made RebelStack210 or 212 bass cabinets. Where RebelHead450 will transform the bass amp market, RebelStack is a system that will revolutionize on-stage performance. Bass players who use traditional 4 x 10 cabs are always faced with the same problem when playing live: placing a 4 x 10 cabinet on the floor means they get great bottom end but no pitch recognition. Put it on a stand and they get great pitch but no low end. The solution is to use RebelStack210?s convenient vertical 4-driver stacking system that gives players the best of both worlds ? great sound and pitch ? and in a system that is light and portable for carrying from gig to gig. RebelStack212 is a 12? version that is as easy to stack as the 210, and both can be used in combination, making on-stage placement of cabinets a breeze.

Last but not least is the optional RebelControl remote control system. Designed as a floor controller for RebelHead450, RebelControl offers a tuner indicator, three preset foot buttons to change the three user memories, and a mute button. RebelControl is conveniently powered from the amp and is a great addition to the system.
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TC Electronic G Major 2

January 20, 2009
TC Electronic announces G-Major 2, a guitar multi-effects processor which heralds a new era of rack-based effects. G-Major 2 is based on the highly acclaimed G-Major platform, but offers new and updated effects and features. G-Major 2 houses effects ranging from delays, reverbs and modulation that helped define the industry. It boasts all-new takes on Tri-chorus, through-zero-flanger, modulated delays and Univibe, each created with impeccable TC Electronic quality. G-Major 2 dynamic controls include Noise Gate, EQ and Compression blocks. G-Major 2 retails at $695 and will ship February 2009.

All reverbs found in G-Major 2 are classic TC Electronic reverbs, which have been retuned specifically for guitar. Anew addition is a whole new filter/wah block, ported 1:1 from TC Electronic?s flagship guitar effects unit: G-System. Rounding out the extensive feature set are intelligent pitch shifting and reverse delay.

G-Major 2 offers extensive control options and enables users to change patches and presets through MIDI, or to use G-Major 2 in ?stompbox?-mode, enabling on/off switching of individual effects. G-Major 2 also features relay switching options, allowing users to switch their amp channels directly from G-Major 2.

G-Major 2 offers users added control through its three different routings of the 6 effect blocks. G-Major 2 offers Serial Routing - where all blocks are lined as a straight line of pedals. The second option is Semi-Parallel - where Delay and Reverb are placed in parallel and finally Parallel - where all blocks except Compression and filter MOD blocks are placed in serial. G-Major 2 offers users easy and convenient editing and storing of patches and pre-sets through a PC/Mac editor available from at the launch of G-Major 2.

G-Major 2 encompasses all the classic TC Electronic effects that made G-Major a favorite among passionate hobby musicians and pros alike and, using feedback and requests from dedicated users of the G-Major platform, adds new effects and features, making G-Major 2 the perfect amalgam of tried and true and innovation.
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Taylor Guitars SolidBody Mod Kits

January 20, 2009
We caught up with Bob Taylor, who was showing off a new addition to the SolidBody guitars. Taylor has release a number of pickups, which will now be available in off-the-shelf packages, complete with pickguard and switching. The SolidBody's solderless connections were created with modification in mind, and that's now possible with just a few screws.

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Eventide PitchFactor Demo

January 19, 2009
The Eventide PitchFactor is a pitch harmony stompbox with delay and feedback. It has ten algorithms for everything from whammy bar effects to intelligent pitch shifting and arpeggios.

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