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Fender and Taylor Team Up in Europe

January 15, 2008
Two guitar giants announce distributing relationship
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SoundTech's Guitar Home Theater Interface

January 9, 2008
New device plugs guitarists into their existing home speakers
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Alvarez Yairi's New Ultra-Thin Body

January 8, 2008
Standard Series WY1T to be released at NAMM
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DigiTech’s New "Hot-Rodded" RP90 and RP70 Mulit-Effects Modeling Processors

January 7, 2008
Modeling processors hot-rodded from the ground up, offering expanded capabilities, authentic models, and enhanced accuracy, dimension and dynamics
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Egnater Amp Building Seminar

December 31, 2007
Build your own JCM800-style head
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Lofgren Playing Spector

December 12, 2007
ARC6 on Magic Tour
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Tanglewood Guitars are Coming

December 12, 2007
Popular UK guitar revamped and headed for U.S. markets
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Boomerang E-155 Chorus/Delay Pedal

November 30, 2007
Boutique pedal offers many options
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D'Addario Launches "The Stage"

November 29, 2007
Website offers lessons and more
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