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Summer NAMM-Sonic Edge J&J Overdrive, Tumbleweed

August 8, 2010
PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location in Nashville, TN, at the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where he visits the Sonic Edge Inc. booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear from two of their newest pedals -- the J&J Overdrive and the Tumbleweed Booster/Compressor.
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Rig Rundown - Brad Paisley's Amps & Effects

August 6, 2010
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Moline, IL, where she catches up with Chad Weaver--PG Columnist and Brad Paisley's guitar tech--and he walks us through the current selection of amps and effects Paisley is using during his 2010 H2O World Tour.

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Rig Rundown - Brad Paisley's Guitars

August 6, 2010
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Moline, IL, where she catches up with Chad Weaver--Brad Paisley's guitar tech--and he walks us through Paisley's current lineup of guitars being used on the 2010 H2O World Tour. In this segment, you'll get to see various Bill Crook custom paisley telecasters, a few of Paisley's signature Gibson acoustics, and a newly purchased '65 refinished Stratocaster.
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Summer NAMM '10 - Kala Ukes Solid Body U-Bass

August 4, 2010
PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where he visits the Kala Ukulele booth. In this segment, we check out three of their newest instruments--the Solid Body U-Bass, Hawaiian Koa Soprano, and the Solid Acacia Concert.

The Hawaiian Koa Soprano is made with Hand-Selected Hawaiian Koa harvested on the Big Island of Hawaii. Fitted with Maple binding on the top and back, these instruments beg to be played. High quality chrome die-cast tuners will keep your instrument in tune. As with most of our ukulele, active EQ options are available.

The Solid Acacia (Mimosa or Shower Tree) Concert are made from tropical trees that are cousins of the Hawaiian Koa tree. They have gorgeous striped patterns of light and dark brown and have a deep colorful tone that match their visual beauty. These solid wood ukes come sized in Soprano, Concert and custom Tenor with a slotted-headstock. They are trimmed with rosewood edge binding and classic herringbone purfling. Custom position markers accent the fretboard. The Soprano has classic friction style tuners. The Concert comes with chrome die-cast tuners with black buttons and the Tenor has vintage geared chrome tuners. The ukes come with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and an ebony nut and saddle.
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Summer NAMM '10-D'Angelico Apache Solidbody & More

August 4, 2010
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Nashville, TN for the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where she visits the D'Angelico Guitars booth. In this segment, we get a rundown on several of their guitars, including the Apache Teardrop, the Apache Solidbody, the Ambassador Flattop acoustic, the Excel-SS and the 16" Archtop.

The Excel-SS features a laminated flame maple top, back, and sides complete with bound f-holes. Its neck is a two-piece maple with a center stripe and its fingerboard is made of ebony.

The 16" New Yorker has a carved spruce top and figured maple back and sides.

The Apache solidbody prototype has Lollar Imperial humbuckers and reconstituted fretboard inlays.
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NY Amp Show '10 - Pigtronix Philosopher King Demo

August 3, 2010
PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location at the 2010 NY Amp Show where he visits the Pigtronix room. In this segment, Pigtronix's Dave Koltai walks us through the new Philosopher King.

The Philosopher King is a compressor, sustainer, distortion and polyphonic amplitude synthesizer. Combining their award-winning Philosopher's Tone circuit with a next generation envelope generator, the Philosopher King takes tone several steps further with a full set of ADSR controls including swell, fade, hold level, speed range, one-shot mode, selectable auto reset, CV i/o and expression pedals for swell and fade times.

With the Swell and Fade functions switched off, the Philosopher King provides optical compression with endless sustain on tap. Adjustable compression (ratio), sustain (threshold) and treble (2k cut / boost) controls allow the musician to tailor the nature of the effect to meet the needs of the material at hand. From a subtle dash of added punch to massive, over-the-top howling sustain, the Philosopher King delivers clean, powerful optical compression. The grit control blends in a layer of sweet harmonic distortion that plays nice with other gain pedals as well as amplifier-generated tube distortion.

The Philosopher King's swell function provides a pick triggered volume swell effect. The volume swell can be reset at any moment by muting or held open by continuous playing. This "slow gear" type effect is smooth and controllable with variable timing from extremely fast to very slow.

The fade function can be used independently of the swell and is also pick triggered. A new feature of the decay cycle in this pedal is the ability to fade out from peak level only partially, bringing the audio down to a predetermined level, set by the hold control. The hold level is then maintained until the player releases the note to close the cycle. With the auto reset turned on, the cycle will begin again immediately, creating undulating amplitude modulation and even pulsating tremolo stutter effects at faster decay settings. With the auto-reset turned off, the player determines the exact timing for the beginning of the next cycle.

Another new feature is the one shot mode, which causes the Philosopher King to run through the swell / fade / hold / release cycle regardless of what is played after the cycle is triggered. In this mode, the Philosopher King creates complex waves of amplitude modulation on top of the music coming from your instrument. A trigger input jack allows the swell and fade functions to be controlled by an external source such as a band mate or drum track.
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Summer NAMM '10 Jack Deville Buzzmaster, Dark Echo

August 3, 2010
PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where he visits the Jack Deville Electronics booth. In this segment, we get to check out two their newest pedals--the Dark Echo and the Buzzmaster.

The Dark Echo produces lush echos trailing into oblivion, progressively darkening with
every repeat. The Dark Echo embodies deep, dark delay with a very smooth, thick, and organic texture. Included are controls for Delay Time, Repeats, Wet Blend, dynamic Sway modulation, and an internal trim-pot for output level.

The Buzzmaster was created from classic germanium fuzz circuit topology. Its discrete germanium design produces tones ranging from raunchy vintage overdrive to contemporary chewy-fur, and even venturing into tight metal and doom territory, all while maintaining touch sensitivity, note attack and natural decay.
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NY Amp Show '10 - Anacon Tech Zagray Head Demo

August 3, 2010
PG's Shawn Hammond is On Location at the 2010 NY Amp Show where he visits the Anacon Technology room. In this segment, Anacon Tech's Aleksander Niemand shows us his latest prototype--the Zagray.

The Zagray is a single-channel amp loaded with one 12AY7 and two 12AX7 preamp tubes. The power section has an ECC82 and two 7591 tubes. Both the power and output transformers are custom-wound toroids. The front panel controls are Bottom, Bass Treble, Gain, Dip - Hump, Drive, Crystal, and Volume. Some noteworthy features include the SC/90/HB switch that is used to engage with a particular guitar/pickup configuration to give the tone a distinct voicing. Also, the Dip/Hump control has four positions set at half-octave frequencies.
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Summer NAMM '10 - Randall Amplifiers RT503 Head

August 3, 2010
PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where he swings by the Randall Amplifiers booth. In this segment, we get to check out one of their newest heads--the RT503.

The RT503 is a 50 watt, 6L6-loaded (can also come with EL34s), 3-channel amplifier. Its three channels include, Channel 1 - Classic Clean - from sparkling to highly overdriven, Channel 2 - Classic Overdrive - from mild grit to full saturation, and Channel 3 - Modern Overdrive - full hi gain tone. Each channel's controls include Bass, Middle, and Treble (Channel 1 has a Bright switch) and the master controls are Volume and Reverb.
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Summer NAMM - Santa Cruz Guitar 1934 D,OM,F Custom

August 2, 2010
PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where he visits the Santa Cruz Guitar booth. In this segment, Santa Cruz's head luthier Richard Hoover shows us several of their models, including the OM, F Custom, 1929 OO, and 1934 D.

The 1929's design pays homage to the simple and elegant instruments made for players enduring the Great Depression of 1929. Vintage inspired appointments include scalloped bracing, a period correct script style logo done tastefully in Ivoroid and beautifully executed ebony pyramid bridge, bridge pins, tuner buttons, head-plate and fretboard. The rosette is an exercise in austere elegance with a rich tortoise ring nestled in a vintage Ivoroid border. It is made with a mahogany body, back, and sides and the neck is joined at the 12th fret.

In the 1920's, the Orchestra Model was originally intended to be a large guitar capable of being heard over other orchestral instruments, hence the OM name. Although it fit the bill, its relatively large body was soon eclipsed by the mighty dreadnought. Fortunately, the OM had secured its place in history as a powerful and versatile voice for public performance. Santa Cruz was among the first modern builders to reintroduce this now smaller bodied favorite at the beginning of the Eighties. Their practice of combining the most desirable attributes of old and new, rather than copying, made for a very successful introduction of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company to a whole new audience. The OM provides clean, loud mid-range and trebles that are complimented by a slightly predominate bass. It features an Indian rosewood body, Sitka spruce top and the neck joins the body at the 14th fret.

The secret to the often superior tone of vintage instruments lies in aged woods (crystallized resins) and the relaxation of tensions built-in during manufacture. This is exactly what we account for in our 1934 D Model. Brazilian rosewood cut in the 1930's, Adirondack spruce top and bracing from the same era and real hot hide glue, that sets glass-like and resonant, give us the foundation for an authentic vintage sound. By applying our singular tuning and voicing talents and taking our time to ensure a relaxed assembly, we consistently access the secrets to the 'Old Bone' sound. The original lacquer formula, nitro-cellulose, is composed of the same stuff as trees; we are protecting and enhancing the sound of the instrument with a fine coating of wood! It is the only choice to complement this heirloom quality guitar.
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