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September 2014


Taylor Guitars Road Show: Solid Body Demo

April 9, 2008
Taylor's Brian Swerdfeger fires up a Solidbody through three different amps: a VOX AC30, an EVH 5150III, and a Fender Twin.
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Taylor Guitars Road Show: The Solid Body Story

April 8, 2008
Here's the backstory of how Taylor's Solid Body guitar came about. This video features Taylor's Brian Swerdfeger explaining how the guitar's unique pickup started it all. Check out the accompanying video of Brian playing a solidbody through 3 different amps. This video was shot April 1, 2008 at Sweetwater Music's corporate headquarters in Ft. Wayne, IN
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Taylor Guitars Road Show - Tonewoods & Tops

April 8, 2008
Here's a video from the April 1, 2008 Taylor Roadshow featuring Taylor's Brian Swerdfeger and Rick Fagan talking about how tonewoods and tops affect a guitar's sound. This video was shot at Sweetwater Music's corporate headquarters in Ft. Wayne, IN.
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Trivium's Corey Beaulieu Signature Dean Guitar

March 6, 2008
Trivium's Corey Bealieu and Dean Guitar Designer Josh Maloney talk about building Corey's new signature CBV1122 Dean guitar.
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Egnater Amp Building Seminar Demo

February 27, 2008
Berkley, MI (February 27, 2008) - After reading about Egnater''s Amp Building Seminar on the forums and seeing some demos on YouTube, we decided we had to check it out
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Eventide ModFactor Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal

February 11, 2008
Those famous Eventide sound-shaping tools are now available in stomps. The company has applied the same algorithms from their trusted rack units to their new stomps, giving you Eventide tone in a portable, stage-friendly unit. In video demo we take a look at the ModFactor and run through some of its effects. Among them you'll hear a very controllable stereo chorus, a flanger and a cool wah that is capable of giving you more vowell sounds -- wah to yah to much more. The Eventide ModFactor lists for $499.
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Godin Guitar Passion Series

February 8, 2008
You cannot watch this vid without wanting to play one of these babies. Robert Godin gives Premier Guitar a personal walkthrough of the new Passion Series Strat-style chambered electric. Designed for single-coil lovers and built for luxury, this resonant guitar is stuffed with top-of-the-line features.
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Dean Guitars Distressed Series

February 2, 2008
Dean Zelinsky shows us the new distressed series, a cool look on some familiar Dean guitars. You'd never guess that the 77ML Dean is holding is actually brand new. The distressed look is cool on the Soltero, too. Elliot Easton of the cars pops by during the interview! Look closely, you'll see some other notables in the background: PG online columnist Mike Campese, Virus from Dope, Nick Simmons and Johnnie Bolin.
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Parker Guitars - Four Seasons, P8E Acoustic

January 31, 2008
Check out these beauties from Parker Guitars -- the limited edition Four Seaons Guitars (Chrome, Mojo Pearl White, Mojo Flame Bubinga, Flame Olive Ash Burl) and the P8E Acoustic with a cedar top, rosewood binding, a mahogany neck and Fishman electronics.
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APHEX 1402 Bass Xciter for Acoustic Guitar

January 30, 2008
Check out this acoustic demo on APHEX's killer 1402 Bass Xciter. You'd think it was made specifically for acoustic the way it cleans up and rounds out the tone. In this demo APHEX's Wayne LaFarr shows you how to dial in your guitar's specific tonal resonant points and then Tim Thompson plays a fingerstyle arrangement of the Flintstones. Listen to difference when the effect is in/out. (Keep in mind that YouTube sound compression thins out the quality of our audio -- you'll still hear the difference, though!)
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