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Industrial Amps Rock 120 Demo

August 22, 2008
From the New York Amp Show, we talk with Anthony Niekrewicz about the company's lineup of amps, then they plug in and rock the house with the Rock 120.

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How to Build a PRS Guitar

July 30, 2008
All-Access Tour of the PRS Factory
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65Amps Prototype Demo

July 21, 2008
65Amps co-founder Dan Boul defies the NAMM police by playing a demo on their new prototype.

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How to Make a Pickup, Part 2

July 18, 2008
42 gauge is the most common wire used in pickup manufacturing. This and other common building techiniques are covered in this clip. Also, Evan expalins why Seymour Duncan goes through great lengths to use the same bobbin material used in many classic pickups. Perhaps the coolest part of this video - check out the original winder once owned by Gibson and used for early PAF humbuckers. SD has the winder now and still uses it today.
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How to Make a Pickup, Part 3

July 18, 2008
In this segment we look at lipstick pickups (made with no bobbin), Tele pickups, wax-potting and SD's proprietary "stud loader." Also, see how a humbucker is made, step-by step.
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