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Premier Collector

Premier Collector #13: Gear for the Working Guitarist

June 24, 2009
Name: Robert Anthony Navarro Years played: 23 years Home turf: Los Angeles, CA Current/former bands: Trip, Velvet Moon, Billy Mummys, Eccentromanics Website: First guitar: ''80s Gibson Kalamazoo hand-me-down Favorite
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Premier Collector #12: Vintage Grails & Boutique Beauties

June 2, 2009
Scott Bradoka''s collection consists of over 120 highly-prized vintage and modern guitars. We look at 21 of his favorites.
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Premier Collector #10: One of Everything

March 4, 2009
Famed TV and film composer Kevin Kiner shares his diverse collection of guitars and other stringed instruments
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Premier Collector #9: Pre-Gibson, Pre-Samick Valley Arts

September 11, 2008
A bevy of Valley Arts for your perusal
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Premier Collector #8: Vintage Strats and Custom Colors

September 3, 2008
Clean, pristine sixties Jags, Jazzmasters and Strats
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Premier Collector #7: Martins and More

August 25, 2008
Inspired to play by a Martin D12-28
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Premier Collector #6: Custom-Built Strats and Fender Tube Amps

August 18, 2008
Roger Jackson builds his own Strats and loves Fender amps, but gives Gibson a fair shake as well
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Premier Collector #5: The Vintage Room

August 1, 2008
Alan Keith loves his ''58 Les Paul so much, he built it a room of its own
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Premier Collector #4: Oddballs

July 29, 2008
Upwards of 50 guitars -- some of which are so unique you have to see them to believe it.
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Premier Collector #3: Vintage Fender Amps and Guitars

July 22, 2008
Five Fender amps from the sixties and seventies, and 15 vintage and newer guitars make Lorne Sheaves'' collection.
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