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1984 B.C. Rich Mockingbird

January 14, 2010
A rad B.C. Rich from the eighties
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Double Your Pleasure With These Two Doublenecks

December 17, 2009
A 1964 Mosrite Ventures Series Mark XVIII, No. 105 and a 1977 Rickenbacker 362/12
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1967 Gibson ES-335, Burgundy Metallic

November 18, 2009
A 100% original 1967 block-inlay ES-335 in a rare color: Burgundy Metallic
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Ibanez JEM7V

September 18, 2009
Ever since it was designed and built in 1987, Steve Vai’s signature Ibanez has been one of the most instantly recognizable guitars in rock. Numerous visual features make this one
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1935 Rickenbacker Electro Spanish

August 19, 2009
In an historical sense, the Rickenbacker Electro Spanish is certainly one of the most interesting models, as it was the first commercially produced, American-made electric guitar with a standard or
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1957 Fender Stratocaster & 1953 Fender "Super" Tube Amp

June 17, 2009
It’s every electric player’s wish to find a completely original pair like this: a custom-color Strat from exactly the right period and a tweed tube amp (from the same single
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Grosh Guitars '59 Spec Set Neck Model

May 20, 2009
Don Grosh Set Neck model - on Gear Search now
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Carol-Ann JB-100 Joe Bonamassa Signature Head & Orange 40th Anniversary Custom Shop Head

April 27, 2009
This month''s gear search gallery highlights two extremely limited amps.
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Breedlove Mark I and Mark IV

March 17, 2009
Two solidbody beauties from Breedlove: the Mark I and Mark IV
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Grant Green's D'Aquisto New Yorker

February 16, 2009
Grant Green''s personal D''Aquisto now resides at Rudy''s Music
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Fender Custom Shop "Telemaster" Prototype

January 15, 2009
A Make''n Music exclusive: the Fender Custom Shop "Telemaster"
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Petros Guitars Tunnel #13

December 16, 2008
Southern Pacific Railroad’s Siskiyou Summit Tunnel #13 was built in the 1880s using virgin redwood timbers harvested in Southwestern Oregon. These timbers witnessed the October 11, 1923 hold up
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