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Guitar Tracks

Going Stereo

December 16, 2008
A stereo live setup can make mix concerns a thing of the past
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Read Your Manuals!

November 11, 2008
Why are we so against spending some time with user manuals?
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Put A Load On

October 13, 2008
Connect the speaker output from your amplifier to the attenuator/load box. An attenuator/load box can be used either to reduce speaker volume, or, as shown here, to directly feed
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Serious Displays for Serious Collectors

September 9, 2008
Another collection you''ll be drooling over all month long
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Your Acoustic, Amplified

August 15, 2008
The importance of pickups in amping acoustics.
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The Delicate World of Ribbons

July 10, 2008
The Royer Labs R121 ribbon microphone has become very popular for recording guitars, drums and other instruments. Its durable design allows it to handle high volume levels without damage.
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Role Playing

June 10, 2008
Adding a 12-string guitar (a Taylor 355ce is shown here) can bring a different texture to a track. For most of us, using instruments other than our main guitars
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Be Prepared in the Studio!

May 12, 2008
While most musicians feel they are always ready to record, sometimes they realize that they are spending more time tinkering than jamming, so follow these tips and you''ll be saving time and money while avoiding stress.
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KORE Recording Concepts

April 9, 2008
Are you the kind of player who likes to use different effects at different parts of a song? Maybe an EQ boost for a solo or a dash of chorus
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Luthier Fantasy Camp

March 11, 2008
Bodies and necks waiting to be turned into finished guitars by the students. No two are alike, so each student ends up with a completely unique instrument. Have you
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Re-amping for Perfect Tone

February 8, 2008
Re-amping is a two-stage process. First record a dry guitar signal through a direct box. Then route the signal out of your recorder, through a re-amp box and into
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EQing Acoustic Guitar Tracks

December 11, 2007
Waves’ Linear Phase EQ plug-in allows for plenty of tonal control while still producing a squeaky-clean sound that will enhance your recordings. While the goal in most recording sessions
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The Lowdown on Baritone Guitars

November 9, 2007
The Fender Jaguar Baritone Special HH is an affordable but high-quality baritone guitar. Since first gazing upon a blue Danelectro Longhorn hanging on the wall of the local guitar
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MIDI Switching

October 10, 2007
As a typical guitarist, I have to multitask during live performances. Singing, playing lead and rhythm guitar parts and working the crowd all at once can be quite demanding
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Guitar Amp Polygamy

September 10, 2007
Every guitar player is on a quest to find his or her perfect tone. Many of us long to get the guitar sounds we hear on albums and projects
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Getting Heavy

August 8, 2007
Be the master of heavy tones
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Recording Acoustic Guitar

July 11, 2007
Control Tone with Mic Placement
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Speaking Directly

June 12, 2007
Have you ever wondered why a dynamic microphone can be plugged into a 100-foot long cable and still sound great, but your guitar tone starts to crap out after just 20 feet? The difference is in the signal.
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Modeling, VG-Style

May 14, 2007
One group of products that has made a huge impact on the guitar modeling world is the VG series from Roland
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Exploring Gear Box

April 12, 2007
How much do you know about “re-amping?”
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