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Guitar Tracks

Re-amping for Perfect Tone

February 8, 2008
Re-amping is a two-stage process. First record a dry guitar signal through a direct box. Then route the signal out of your recorder, through a re-amp box and into
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EQing Acoustic Guitar Tracks

December 11, 2007
Waves’ Linear Phase EQ plug-in allows for plenty of tonal control while still producing a squeaky-clean sound that will enhance your recordings. While the goal in most recording sessions
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The Lowdown on Baritone Guitars

November 9, 2007
The Fender Jaguar Baritone Special HH is an affordable but high-quality baritone guitar. Since first gazing upon a blue Danelectro Longhorn hanging on the wall of the local guitar
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MIDI Switching

October 10, 2007
As a typical guitarist, I have to multitask during live performances. Singing, playing lead and rhythm guitar parts and working the crowd all at once can be quite demanding
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Guitar Amp Polygamy

September 10, 2007
Every guitar player is on a quest to find his or her perfect tone. Many of us long to get the guitar sounds we hear on albums and projects
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Getting Heavy

August 8, 2007
Be the master of heavy tones
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Recording Acoustic Guitar

July 11, 2007
Control Tone with Mic Placement
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Speaking Directly

June 12, 2007
Have you ever wondered why a dynamic microphone can be plugged into a 100-foot long cable and still sound great, but your guitar tone starts to crap out after just 20 feet? The difference is in the signal.
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Modeling, VG-Style

May 14, 2007
One group of products that has made a huge impact on the guitar modeling world is the VG series from Roland
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Exploring Gear Box

April 12, 2007
How much do you know about “re-amping?”
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