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Hey, You Can't Do That

5 Questions to Answer Before Buying Your Next Guitar

September 6, 2011
Assuming that you’re on the cusp of another guitar purchase (because really, when aren’t we?) I give you the 5 questions you should ask yourself before pulling the trigger.
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5 Rutbusters That Will Change The Way You Play

August 2, 2011
Steve Ouimette discusses five rutbusters that may help you find new inspiration for your playing.
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5 Guitar Myths - Fact or Fiction?

July 13, 2011
Do pricey cables make a difference? Do original PAFs guarantee great tone? See Steve''s conclusions and share your take on these topics.
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When I Grow Up

June 7, 2011
From dreams of being in KISS to a career in recording, and everything in between.
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10 Things All Guitarists Should Be Able to Do

May 9, 2011
10 things that amateur guitarists can do to play more like a pro.
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Hey, You Can't Do That: I Got The Fire

April 5, 2011
This month I want to talk about putting the fire in your playing, because nothing sucks more than a lackluster performance, live or in the studio.
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Hey, You Can't Do That: Getting the Fire Back

March 10, 2011
Getting back to what made us love the guitar
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Hey, You Can't Do That: Know Thy Fretboard

February 7, 2011
How many guitarists here can proudly raise their hand and say they can call out every single note on the fretboard instantly?
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The Human Element - Old School Guitar Interaction

December 30, 2010
Don''t let technology cause you to miss out on the real-life connections that make you a better player
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I Laughed, I Cried: Gear Stories To Write Home About

December 10, 2010
Over the course of our lives as guitarists we tend to collect a good number of gear-related stories. Some inspiring, some devastating, some just plain stupid.
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