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Hey, You Can't Do That

Gear Addiction Recovery, Step 2: Your First Amp

December 9, 2009
Your first amp - was this where your tone obsession began?
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Gear Addiction Recovery, Step 1: Your First Guitar

November 9, 2009
Steve recounts his first guitar, a Seville Les Paul copy, and the feelings that went along with it.
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Are You a Gear Addict?

October 13, 2009
Read Steve''s list of 15 signs of gear addiction, and share your own.
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Playing Outside the Box: Banjo Tuning on Guitar

September 2, 2009
Steve encounters a new challenge: playing banjo licks on a guitar
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Learning to Trust Your Ears: The Art of Transcribing

July 22, 2009
In an era when tabs for almost any song are a few mouse clicks away, Steve give us some pointers on figuring out songs the tried-and-true way - with our ears.
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Creating Your Signature Guitar Sound

June 30, 2009
How to put everything together for a sound that''s uniquely you
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Top 10 Tips for Buying an Amp

May 28, 2009
Which amp is right for you? This list will help you decide.
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Rut Buster: Playing On Just One String

April 30, 2009
Break free of your usual habits by using just one string to play -- you''ll be surprised at the results.
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The Endless Quest for Distortion

March 20, 2009
A brief history of the different avenues guitarists go down in their quest for distortion.
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The Economy... Of Tone!

February 20, 2009
Getting back to basics brings you in touch with your gear
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The Alternate Pick

January 23, 2009
Steve explores pick materials that are far from the norm.
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Top 10 Tips for All Guitarists

November 26, 2008
10 simple tips to get the most out of your playing
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