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Modern Builder Vault

Electrical Guitar Company

February 11, 2010
Electrical Guitar Company draws inspiration from Travis Bean, et al, by using aluminum in the construction of their instruments
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Lindsay Wilson Guitars

January 14, 2010
Howard Robinson hand-builds Lindsay Wilson guitars in the UK with Grit Laskin-inspired inlay
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Skin Pimp Pedals

November 18, 2009
New to the pedal game, Ryan Kirkland''s been garnering attention for his Tone Bender clones and stunning artwork.
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BilT Guitars Relevator

September 18, 2009
New guitars from an up-and-coming company with a distinctly retro feel
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Claudio Pagelli

August 19, 2009
Four beauties to celebrate Claudio Pagelli''s 30th anniversary
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Pheo Guitars

July 22, 2009
Phil Sylvester is a visual artist, and guitar gear is his medium. Check out his bizarre and beautiful creations.
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Schneider Guitars: Soho Collection

June 17, 2009
Two sibling beauties from Schneider
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Crow Hill Guitars: La Paloma

May 20, 2009
A look at one of Erik Smith''s La Paloma, a natural beauty from Crow Hill Guitars
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Carlino Korina Impulse and Identity

April 27, 2009
Infatuated with the famous Modernistic Korina solidbodies of the late 1950s, Eddie Carlino wanted to add a modern flair to classic specs, and bring it back 50 years later.
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Roger Morillo Custom Bass

March 17, 2009
Sleek and beautiful bass from luthier Roger Morillo
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