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Gear History

Go Ahead And Ask: Marshall Amplification

July 20, 2010
Marshall Amplification answers ten of your questions.
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Maximum Energy: The Gear of the Original Punks

May 18, 2010
The gear of The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and The Clash, plus 10 first-generation punk albums to check out
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Gibson's Western Frontier: The 1955 - 1958 GA-70 Amplifier

April 15, 2010
Is the Gibson GA-70 the coolest vintage amp of all time?
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Back in the Rack: The Return of Lee Jackson’s GP-1000

February 11, 2010
Vintage rack gear? A look into the history of Lee Jackson''s GP-1000, the first mass-produced rack preamp.
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Washburn's Guardian Angel

November 18, 2009
Jim Smith Sr. and His Mission to Preserve a Brand and Its Many Sounds
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The State of the Stomp

October 21, 2009
What''s hot in the stompbox scene
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Anatomy of a Classic: Gibson 1949 GA-CB

September 18, 2009
The high-end of Gibson''s postwar amplifiers, the GA-CB is now one of the rarest vintage amps around.
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Tales from the Six String Nation

September 18, 2009
Canada''s national guitar contains parts from all around the country, representing pieces of the country''s rich history.
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Escape From the Dog House: Fender's Bass Revolution

August 19, 2009
When Leo Fender invented the instrument he called a Precision Bass, he had modest goals. As he later told music journalist Tom Wheeler, “We needed to free the bass player from the big doghouse, the acoustic bass. That thing was usually confined to the back of the band, and the bass player couldn’t get up to the mic to sing. And … guitar players would have an advantage if they could have an instrument with frets that would make doubling on bass easier for them.”
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Cigar Box Nation: The Modern Cult of the Cigar Box Guitar

July 22, 2009
Bob Cianci takes us on an investigation into the culture surrounding the guitar in its most stripped-down, primal form - the homemade cigar box guitar.
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