Gear History

Taylor Guitars Road Show: The Solid Body Story

April 8, 2008
Here's the backstory of how Taylor's Solid Body guitar came about. This video features Taylor's Brian Swerdfeger explaining how the guitar's unique pickup started it all. Check out the accompanying video of Brian playing a solidbody through 3 different amps. This video was shot April 1, 2008 at Sweetwater Music's corporate headquarters in Ft. Wayne, IN
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120th Anniversary - Höfner

June 6, 2007
A lot of players know Höfner for their distinctive basses, but what’s one thing our readers should know about your instruments?
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The Rangemaster

March 19, 2007
We have a bit of the history of this amazing pedal, perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the British guitar arsenal.
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