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On Location NYC - West 48th St. - Sam Ash Guitars

May 28, 2008
Premier Guitar is On Location at NYC's famous Music Row -- West 48th Street. In this segment Sam Ash gives us a tour of Sam Ash Guitars. A busy spot with an impressive selection, there are many new and old stories that accompany this business and the Ash family itself. Sam and a colleague share a few in this clip. Remember -- to get your gear fix, go to www.
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Make'n Music - Chicago - Part I

May 8, 2008
Premier Guitar went On Location to check out Chicago's Make'n Music, a ridiculously well-stocked, high-end guitar store.

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Make'n Music - Chicago - Part II

May 8, 2008
Premier Guitar is On Location in Chicago to check out one of the most amazing high-end guitar shops in the country. In part one, we look at Teddy Gordon's selection of one-off Fenders, Martins and Breedloves. We also check out his PRS, Collings, Huss & Dalton, and Composite Acoustic guitars.
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Naperville Music

May 1, 2008
Premier Guitar popped into Naperville Music as we were On Location in the Chicago Area. We chatted with Mark Gardner about Naperville Music, a nice little shop with some groovy high-end stuff like Don Grosh, New Orleans and McNaught guitars.
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