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May 2014

Acoustic & Fingerstyle

Acoustic Adventures: Cascading Celtic Guitar

March 15, 2011
A medley of three Celtic tunes: "Drowsy Maggie," "The Morning Dew," and "The Cup of Tea."
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Classical Techniques: Rest Strokes and Free Strokes for Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

December 21, 2010
The technique for playing “lead” on classical guitar is almost always a rest stroke.
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Malagueña: Spanish Classic Arranged for Solo Guitar

September 21, 2010
Traditional Spanish dance music
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Sally Anne: Bluegrass Standard Arranged for Solo Flatpicking Guitar

July 20, 2010
Wayne Henderson''s full arrangement of the Bluegrass Standard Sally Anne
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Lydian Tuning: Advanced Concepts for the Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

May 18, 2010
Shifting the Tonic: Advanced Concepts for the Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist
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Advanced Fingerstyle Techniques: Slapped Harmonics, Tremoloed Bass Notes, and More

April 15, 2010
Add to your techniques with Michael-Hedges, Tuck Andress and even Bootsy Collins-inspired techniques
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Classical Tremolo: Exercises for Building Clear and Even Right-Hand Articulation

February 11, 2010
The classical guitar approach to the tremolo technique
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