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Blues Lick·Tionary: Four Phrases to Add to Your Repertoire

August 17, 2010
Key phrases and licks for blues players
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Bluesy Bends: Half-step "Smears," 1 1/2 Step Overbends and More

July 20, 2010
Basic bends and the minor third bend are covered
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Common Licks and Tricks for Playing "Low Bass Blues"

June 16, 2010
“Low Bass Blues” is based around a popular sliding blues lick at the third fret.
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Hybrid Scales: Expanding Your Sonic Palette

April 15, 2010
Combining notes from two different scales to create hybrids
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Riff Blues: Two Essential 12-Bar Patterns

March 11, 2010
Two blues riffs with bass lines and double stops to get you started down a bluesy road
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Pre-War Blues Licks: Swing/Jump Electric Lines a la Charlie Christian

January 14, 2010
This batch of licks comes from the swing jazz and jump blues era of the late 1930s and early 1940s.
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Blues Endings: Common Tags to Bring the Song to an Effective Conclusion

December 17, 2009
A blues ending, often referred to as a blues tag, is a phrase usually executed by the person playing the final solo in a blues number, signifying the end of the song.
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Call and Response: Phrasing Ideas for Creating Memorable Solos

October 21, 2009
How to pull of the conversational call-and-response technique popular in blues soloing
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