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Deep Blues

Deep Blues: Target Tones - Tighten Up Your Blues Soloing

November 29, 2010
A cool strategy to use over a 12-bar blues to land on the coolest notes of each chord
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Deep Blues: Bending - Essential Techniques for Blues Soloing

November 4, 2010
Work on developing your ears and muscles to execute accurate bends for a vocal style of playing
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Deep Blues: Hammer-ons and Pull-offs - Essential Techniques for Blues Soloing

October 5, 2010
Mastering hammer-ons and pull-offs is one of the best things you can do to take you from a beginning blues player to the level of blues soloist
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Deep Blues: Turnarounds With Triads

August 31, 2010
Using triads to illustrate how to construct turnarounds
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Deep Blues: Creative Comping - Developing Dominant 7th Chords

August 6, 2010
Cool ideas to offer unique sounds to your rhythm playing
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Deep Blues: Blue Triads

July 8, 2010
Dennis McCumber explains why you should pull those old blues triads off the shelf
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