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Repeating Licks: Pentatonic Lead Basics

March 11, 2010
Repeating patterns using the A minor pentatonic scale that you can use when soloing.
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The Modes, Part 2

March 4, 2010
Modal Progressions: F# Ionian, E Dorian, A Phrygian and C Lydian
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String Skipping; Sequences for Wide-Interval Guitar Shredding

February 11, 2010
String skipping can add more color to standard licks by automatically introducing wider intervals.
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The Modes, Part 1

February 4, 2010
In a new series from Mike Campese, learn what modes are and how to use them in any key and position.
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Exotic Scales: Infuse Exciting Sounds Into Your Solos

January 14, 2010
Hungarian, Hindu and Japanese scales to infuse flavor into your solos
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Bach Partita No. 3, Part 3

January 6, 2010
The third part of Bach''s Partita No. 3 has a beautiful harmony and some very challenging spots.
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Tom Kolb Rock Licks Vol. 1 Video Lesson

December 17, 2009
10 must-know licks in the styles of Berry, Hendrix, Page, SRV and more
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Bach Partita No. 3, Part 2

December 11, 2009
Mike Campese continues his take on an arrangement of a classical Bach piece
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Octave Arpeggios: Stacking Triad Shapes to Span More Ground

November 18, 2009
Looking at triad arpeggios in major, minor, diminished and augmented
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Bach Partita No. 3

November 12, 2009
Mike Campese arranges J.S. Bach''s "Partita No. 3," a composition usually played on violin or classical guitar, for electric.
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