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Walking the Wires

Musical Soulmates and Alternate Tunings

June 7, 2011
How finding the right partners can take you down different musical paths.
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Lyrical Songwriting: Formality, Rhyming, and Structure

May 9, 2011
A few ideas for my songwriting readers that might inspire, refresh or ignite that spark.
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Walking the Wires: Three Must-See Music Documentaries

April 5, 2011
"Still Bill," Touch the Sound," and "Standing int he Shadows of Motown"
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Walking the Wires: Getting Electrified

February 4, 2011
Can a dyed-in-the-wool acoustic fingerstylist fall in love with a Tele?
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Walking the Wires: Love Your Fingers

November 29, 2010
Appreciating the magic phalanges that make the music
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Walking the Wires: Listening Outside Your Comfort Zone

November 4, 2010
Get inspired by listening to way different music than you''re used to.
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Love Your Local Luthier

October 8, 2010
Visiting a local luthier and sampling the flavors of fresh-off-the-workbench acoustics
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Handmade or Factory Made Acoustics?

August 30, 2010
Things to consider when choosing between a factory-built acoustic and a handmade one
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Save Your Voice by Altering Your Playing

August 6, 2010
How you can adjust guitar parts of cover songs to bring the vocals within reach
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