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Tube Head

Sneak Peek: Mesa Boogie Mark V

March 17, 2009
A detailed look at Mesa Boogie''s new Mark V amp
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Ugly Amps Ugly 18 Head Review

February 16, 2009
PCB Construction keeps this EL84-based 18-watter under $1000 without sacrificing tone
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NAMM VIDEO: Marshall's New Randy Rhoads Amp

January 23, 2009
Marshall collaborates with Rhoades family to recreate famous amp
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Goodsell Black Dog 50 Review

January 15, 2009
The Black Dog serves up all the tone you can handle without having to tweak every knob to get it.
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Cicognani Brutus Live and 2x12 DP Cab Review

January 15, 2009
Cicognani Brutus Live offers unique tones from Italy
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Fuchs Clean Machine 150 Review

January 15, 2009
The Fuchs Clean machine is a dream amp for players who love pedals.
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People's Amp Review

December 17, 2008
Can one man take on the boutique industry with a Bluesbreaker-inspired 18-watt tube amp for just $650? We take the People''s Amp for a ride to find out.
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Engl E 650 Ritchie Blackmore Signature 100-watt Amp Review

December 16, 2008
Engl''s Ritchie Blackmore Signature combines gain with clarity at an reasonable price.
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Dave Friedman and George Lynch

September 30, 2008
Here's the latest video from our "PG Experience: George Lynch" series. George works with legendary amp guru and rig designer Dave Friedman to find new tones that are eventually incorporated into new modules for his Randall Lynchbox amp.
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Super Reverb & Blue Voodoo

September 3, 2008
I own a mid eighties JCM 2205 Split Channel Marshall. Can you suggest a tube that will help boost my gain?
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Peavey Electronics 1-Watt Custom Amp

July 9, 2008
Check out their "Have it Your Way" amp line, built in the USA with whatever specifications you desire -- knobs, tubes, anything.
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Randall Amps - Kirk Hammett, Michael Amott

March 5, 2008
Here's the skinny on some new signature amps from Randall: the Kirk Hammett Signature Series and the Michael Amott Signature Ninja V2.
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Egnater Amp Building Seminar Demo

February 27, 2008
Premier Guitar sent a staffer to Egnater's Amp Building Seminar in Feb 2008, where students build Egnater's version of a JTM-45. A dude in the class, Pete Lacis, was kind enough to demo the amp he built.
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Correction: New Products From Orange Amps

August 9, 2007
Thunderverb 50 and New Slanted 4x12 Make an Impression
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