Friedman Amps

August Issue


Ear to the Ground: The Range of Light Wilderness’ “Perfect {the First Time}”

July 1, 2014
Just as Beachwood Sparks perfected the classic SoCal sound, this Bay Area trio captures the vibes of its home turf with a sublime gem of harmonious, psychedelic folk-rock.
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Ear to the Ground: Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters’ “Rainbow”

June 30, 2014
The Led Zep legend returns to rock ’n’ roll, but infuses it with Afrobeat and trance to create a sound that is simultaneously rootsy and new.
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Ear to the Ground: James Williamson and Lisa Kekaula’s “I Gotta Right”

June 27, 2014
Motor City redemption! The Stooges guitarist and Bell Rays vocalist join forces for a ripped-to-shreds rendering of “I Got a Right.”
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Ear to the Ground: JOY’s “Confusion”

June 25, 2014
These acid-rockers are so addicted to psychedelia that they somehow got Hawkwind’s Nik Turner to appear on their upcoming album.
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Ear to the Ground: Tahiti 80’s “Crush!”

June 24, 2014
One listen will beg the question, “Why aren’t these French electro-pop rulers as big as Air or Phoenix?”
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Sharkmuffin: Noise Rock with Teeth

June 24, 2014
Heavy-hitting trio looks ready to swim with alt-rock’s big fish.
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Ear to the Ground: Zig Zags’ “Brainded Warrior”

June 23, 2014
Putting the “pow” back in “power trio,” the L.A. proto-punk hesh heathens punch life back into the longhaired punk ’n’ roll sound of yore.
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Ear to the Ground: Electric Citizen’s “Light Years Beyond”

June 20, 2014
The retro-rock newcomers boast a bewitching frontwoman, galloping adventure-rock rhythms, and a guitarist with a degree in obscure ’70s metal.
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Judas Priest: Unleash the Beast

June 19, 2014
The Brit metal pioneers recruited guitarist Richie Faulkner in 2011, refreshing the creative process for the group’s 17th album, Redeemer of Souls.
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Ear to the Ground: The Vaselines’ “One Lost Year”

June 17, 2014
The Scottish indie-rockers are back with prototypical tunes and more confident-sounding guitar work.
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