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General Patent: Marching Orders on the Patent Process, From Start to Finish

June 12, 2007
The patent process can seem daunting to the unskilled, but this month we’ll be exploring some of the basic steps in obtaining a United States patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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How to Get the Gig, part 2

April 12, 2007
It’s important to know yourself and your playing abilities, to know the situation you’ll be playing in and to remember to not overplay once you get to your audition
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How to Get the Gig, part 1

March 16, 2007
I am one of the most fortunate musicians in Los Angeles, and I am very lucky to have landed most of the gigs I’ve wanted
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Speaker Selection Explained

March 15, 2007
Standard mounting dimensions provided by most guitar speaker manufacturers are: overall diameter, baffle hole diameter, mounting hole diameter, mounting holes B.C.D. and depth.
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Rags to Riches

March 1, 2007
Turning an inexpensive amp into a vintage beast.
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