Magnatone Giveawya

September 2014

Lessons: Jazz

Digging Deeper: One Scale to Rule Them All

February 10, 2012
The jazz melodic minor scale is a very important improvisational tool.
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Digging Deeper: Let Your Line Shine

January 10, 2012
Today I want to explore ways to approach improvising long, fluid, rhythmically dynamic lines.
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Orange Guitar: Freddie Green Rhythm

January 3, 2012
I’ve employed this chord sequence as a musical and versatile approach to embellishing the potentially mundane sound of a one-chord vamp.
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That Can Be Arranged: Chords That Keep On Giving

October 12, 2011
I tend to be a bit obsessive when working on a technique or concept and recently diminished harmony has been filling my time.
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Digging Deeper: Learning Tunes in Three Dimensions

September 20, 2011
One of the things I’ve always been really fascinated by is the idea of “finding your own voice.”
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Beyond Blues: Major Chords, Minor Blues

August 16, 2011
Discover how the same type of chord voicing can perform different harmonic functions.
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Digging Deeper: Groove is in the Heart

August 16, 2011
How much control do you have when it comes to note placement?
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Rhythm & Grooves: Exploring Quartal Harmony

March 15, 2011
Rather than using major and minor thirds—the intervals found in typical chordal harmony—we’re going to use fourths as our harmonic building blocks.
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Rhythm & Grooves: Open for Business

February 15, 2011
In this third and final part of our series, we’ll integrate some of the different forms we’ve discovered thus far and continue to blanket the fretboard with fresh chordal colors.
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