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Electric Bass

Spector Euro5LX EX & NS-5H2 FM Bass Reviews

August 19, 2009
Spector''s Euro5LX EX and NS-5H2 FM offer two different sets of features for bassists to choose from
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Pheo Guitars

July 22, 2009
Phil Sylvester is a visual artist, and guitar gear is his medium. Check out his bizarre and beautiful creations.
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Breedlove Atlas Series Stage BJ350/CR4 Acoustic-Electric Bass Review

June 17, 2009
Breedlove''s Atlas Series acoustic bass is a niche instrument that will deliver an organic sound for players willing to acclimate themselves to it.
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Michael Tobias Design MTD 535-24 Bass Review

April 21, 2009
Michael Tobias Design''s 545-24 is a top-notch instrument for discerning bassists
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Roger Morillo Custom Bass

March 17, 2009
Sleek and beautiful bass from luthier Roger Morillo
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Wilkins Sgt. Pepper’s Bass

February 16, 2009
Wilkins bass with meticulously hand-painted Sgt. Pepper''s graphics
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Rewinding a 1971 Fender Jazz Pickup

December 16, 2008
John Brown does some rewinding on a classic 1971 J Bass pickup
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Affordable Vintage Basses

December 16, 2008
Kevin has the scoop on five great vintage basses under $1500.
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