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Articles by Brian Tarquin

Neal Schon Has His I on U

February 16, 2009
Neal Schon talks bout recording his latest, I on U.
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Martin Winch: State of “Kashmir”

January 15, 2009
New Zealand''s Martin Winch talks about recording his acoustic version of Led Zeppelin''s Kashmir
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Robin Trower - Seven Moons Tone

December 16, 2008
Robin Trower talks about his recording techniques on his latest, Seven Moons
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Larry Van Fleet - Getting the Led Out

November 11, 2008
Larry Van Fleet explains his techniques for recording "D''yer Maker"
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Chris Mahoney - Whole Lotta Guitar

October 13, 2008
New York guitarist Chris Mahoney sent me his self-released CD, Rebirth, about a year and a half ago. Though just a pup in the guitar scene, his debut displayed
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Steve Morse on Cruise Control

September 9, 2008
This month Brian sits down with veteran rocker Steve Morse
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Howard Hart - Majestic Touch

August 15, 2008
Brian talks with Howard about his most recent work on the Led Zeppelin tribute cd.
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Shredding the Rumba - Marcus Nand

July 10, 2008
How many of you remember a band called Freak of Nature, formed by ex-White Lion singer, Mike Tramp, in the early nineties? It wasn’t a very memorable hair band
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Mr. Ibanez’s Mantra

June 10, 2008
The name Rob Balducci may not be a well known, but he’s a young, up-and-coming guitarist from New York. I met Rob while producing bassist Randy Coven’s new CD
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Tommy Emmanuel - Finger Picking Licks

May 12, 2008
Tony Emmanuel''s gear and techniques on his "Cantina Senese" recording
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Geoff Gray - Far & Away Studios

April 9, 2008
One of my mentors in studio recording was a wonderful guy named Geoff Gray who owned Far & Away Studios in New York. I remember graduating from the Center
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Zakk Wylde - Wylde Child

March 11, 2008
It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since Zakk Wylde replaced the late, great Randy Rhoads in Ozzy Osbourne’s band. Even though there were a couple of
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Eric Johnson’s NASA Tone

February 8, 2008
The man who needs no introduction to the world of guitar and outstanding tone: Eric Johnson. The first time I heard Eric was back in 1985 when he did
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Industrial Amps Rock 120

January 9, 2008
Today it seems as though there’s a boutique amp manufacturer around every corner. Don’t get me wrong – boutique amps aren’t a bad thing, but a great many of
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Channeling the Guitar Hero - Doug Doppler

January 9, 2008
Favored Nations’ artist Doug Doppler is now a certified guitar hero through his involvement with the PlayStation 2 video game Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the ‘80s. Doppler became part
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