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Articles by Kevin Borden

The Four Rs - Replicas

February 8, 2008
Hello and welcome back to the Low End, and our second installment of the four Rs: replicas. To begin, we should define replica. Is a replica something as simple as
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The Four Rs

January 9, 2008
Hello all and welcome back to The Low End. This month we’ll begin exploring the four Rs of vintage-style basses: refins, relics, replicas and reissues. But why are we
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The Year in Review

December 11, 2007
Most of the Western world revolves around a January to December calendar. Vintage guitar dealers also have a unique calendar – the buying year begins in January with the Orlando
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Meet the New Boss

November 9, 2007
Hello and welcome back to The Low End. I’ve been involved with bass gear since 1976 and along the way I’ve met some interesting folks. This month I’d like to
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Truth and Consequences, Pt. 3

October 10, 2007
Hello and welcome back to The Low End. In prior installments we explored Rickenbacker and Gibson basses. This month we will take a peek at “old reliable” – the
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Truth and Consequences, Pt. 2

September 10, 2007
Welcome back, everyone. Last month we discussed some of the basic knowledge needed for buying a vintage bass, as well as some general Rickenbacker product know-how. This month we’ll
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Brown’s Guitar Factory Fretted/Less 4-String Bass - Bolt-on Series

September 10, 2007
John Brown, the brains behind Brown’s Guitar Factory and a long-time Premier Guitar columnist, recently released his new bolt-on Fretted/Less bass at the 2007 Summer NAMM show. Based on
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Truth and Consequences

August 8, 2007
Kevin Borden guides you through your next bass purchase.
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A Vintage Bass Primer

July 11, 2007
Vintage Basses: What Fits the Bill?
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