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Articles by Joe Coffey

The Most Valuable Guitars in America

October 2, 2007
...and the man who played them
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Famous Guitar, Mandolin in Limbo

October 1, 2007
Instruments paid for with fraudulent money
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Heritage Guitars Back in Operation

September 20, 2007
Factory cranking again
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Fake Gibsons Seized, Seller Arrested

September 18, 2007
Seller charged with trademark counterfeiting
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A Film About Stars' First Guitars

September 11, 2007
Les Paul, Slash, Jeff Lynne and others share stories
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Interview: Levi Chen

August 29, 2007
Harvesting Liquid Gardens
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Bluesman “Magic Sam” Maghett to be Honored

August 27, 2007
MS Blues Trail Marker Planned
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Joe's Woes: Acoustic Feedback

July 31, 2007
Shut Your Sound Hole!
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