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Articles by Chris Burgess

XITS Piper X30 Combo Review

October 6, 2008
XITS goes for Vox with unprecedented style
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September 11, 2008
The HT-DUAL I recently reviewed is only the first of five pedals in Blackstar’s HT series of preamp/overdrive/distortion units. The DUAL is the only one with two separate channels (along
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Digitech RP500 Integrated Effect Switching System Review

September 9, 2008
If you tend to think of inexpensive, floormounted multi-effects units as starter kits, the RP500 from DigiTech might just change your mind. Even if you’ve been lured one too
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Review: Blackstar HT-Dual Distortion

August 18, 2008
The technology behind a tube-powered distortion/overdrive/preamp pedal is not new, but ideas about how to optimize it for guitar-playing tone hounds have begun to take some unexpected twists and
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Review: Gretsch "Double Annie"

August 17, 2008
Gretsch G6118T Anniversary w/ Bigsby
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Etavonni GT-1 Review

August 15, 2008
Innovative and slick, the Etavonni''s coolness comes at a price
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Review: Xotic Effects BB Plus

August 4, 2008
The BB Plus is a versatile, gimmick-free pedal
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Duesenberg Heartbreakers 30th Anniversary Mike Campbell Signature Guitar

January 9, 2008
In case you''re not up to speed on Duesenberg guitars, here''s a quick primer: founded by Dieter Gölsdorf, a leader in design and innovation for decades, Duesenberg makes instruments
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Xotic Effects AC Plus

November 9, 2007
There are lots of great overdrive and distortion effects for hard rock and metal players that want balls-to-the-wall distortion, but I’ve had a hard time finding one that’s as
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Line 6 TonePort GX USB Recording Interface

September 28, 2007
Few companies apart from Line 6 have  accomplished so much so quickly when it comes to carving out a name and a quality reputation in the world of guitar
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Subdecay Blackstar Distortion Pedal

September 4, 2007
Two Drive Knobs = More Tone Control
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