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Articles by Tom Hughes

Effects Modifications: Concepts and Philosophy

February 8, 2008
Greetings, all ye pedalheads! This month we’re going to discuss our take on effects modifications. Most players these days are at least aware of the availability of effects mods
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A Short History of DIY Effects

January 9, 2008
Greetings, fellow pedalphiles! This month we’re going to discuss do-it-yourself effects and their influence on the current stomp scene. Pedals are more popular now than ever before, but this wasn’t
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Five Pedals You Must Try Before You Die!

November 9, 2007
Greetings fellow students of stomp; this month we’re going to have a little fun with our list of pedals you must try before you die. Please note that the
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Myth Busters, Stomp School Edition, Pt. 2

September 10, 2007
This month we continue to bust some rampant pedal myths. Let’s get started. --> Myth: TS9s with no “CE” mark on the label are originals. The original Ibanez TS9 Tube
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Myth Busters, Stomp School Edition

August 8, 2007
Breaking down some pedal folklore.
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The Golden Age of Tone

July 11, 2007
Simplicity and Sophisticated Choices
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The Effects of RoHS Compliance

June 12, 2007
Today is the greatest time in history to be a guitarist.
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The First Day of School

May 14, 2007
We’re going to take this space that PG has given us to discuss our favorite topic, and the favorite topic of nearly every guitarist today – tone!
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