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Articles by Rich Tozzoli

Rust-Busting Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

October 8, 2012
Got an unused instrument lurking in your closet? Take it out, dust it off, restring if necessary, and then go hunting for new sounds. The extra effort will often
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Meet My Tele Choir

September 5, 2012
Ah, the good old Telecaster. Yes, it’s hard to play—at least in comparison to some guitars—but I view it as one of the most flexible recording and gigging guitars around.
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Pros and Cons of Real Amps VS. Software Amps

August 10, 2012
I’ve amassed a small but very useful amp collection that actually has a lot to do with plug-ins.
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Panning Your Guitar in the Mix

July 9, 2012
Universal Audio’s EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in (based on the original Echoplex tape delay units) simulates a vintage tape delay and offers opportunities for creative panning. If you want your
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Emergency Truss-Rod Tweaks

June 8, 2012
Within a short period of time, my guitar went from its comfy, climate-controlled home into freezing temperatures hovering around zero, and then directly down into the heat and humidity of the Caribbean.
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Power and Protection for your Studio

May 11, 2012
It’s time to think about taking steps to not only clean up your power, but to protect your valuable gear.
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Session Dos and Don'ts

April 6, 2012
These simple ideas can help you achieve better tracks and a more rewarding end result.
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Keeping it Simple in the Studio

March 9, 2012
On “When the Levee Breaks” from Led Zeppelin IV, Jimmy Page’s guitar parts are panned left and right, and mixed quite dry with some deep flange. Conversely, the drums
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Play to Your Strengths

February 10, 2012
It’s worth taking a moment to think about what it means to play to our individual strengths and the strengths of our selected instruments.
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Grooving To A Virtual Drummer

January 10, 2012
Aside from using the loops in my TV productions, I like jamming to them. It’s a great way to practice locking into a real drummer’s beats.
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