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Articles by Steve Ouimette

Hey, You Can't Do That: I Got The Fire

April 5, 2011
This month I want to talk about putting the fire in your playing, because nothing sucks more than a lackluster performance, live or in the studio.
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Amptweaker Tight Boost Pedal Review

March 31, 2011
The Tight Boost is the successor to the Tight Drive, and differs in having less aggressive gain section and the ability to get cocked wah tones with a special Mid control.
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Hip Kitty Panetone Combo Amp Review

March 11, 2011
The 6V6-powered, 25-watt Panetone Combo is a portable classic rocker that plays well with pedals.
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Hey, You Can't Do That: Getting the Fire Back

March 10, 2011
Getting back to what made us love the guitar
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Jackson Ampworks Britain 3 Amp Review

February 24, 2011
The 12/25/50-watt head packs dual EL34s and dual EL84s into a compact, versatile, and stylish British-flavored head.
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Fretted Americana Evil Robot Tube Combo Amp Review

February 15, 2011
A stylish combo inspired by Phil X''s 1950s Magnatone Tonemaster
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Hey, You Can't Do That: Know Thy Fretboard

February 7, 2011
How many guitarists here can proudly raise their hand and say they can call out every single note on the fretboard instantly?
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Young Pedals Looker Stereo Tremolo Pedal Review

February 3, 2011
A stereo tremolo that can go from subtle to psychedelic
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Nolatone Ampworks Rotten Johnny Combo Amp Review

January 17, 2011
Download Example 1 Les Paul dirty rock rhythm tone Download Example 2 Clean Blackface Strat tone Download Example 3 P-90 thick solo tone Clips recorded with an SM57 off-axis
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The Human Element - Old School Guitar Interaction

December 30, 2010
Don''t let technology cause you to miss out on the real-life connections that make you a better player
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