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Articles by Steve Ouimette

Vox Amplification Ice 9 Overdrive Pedal Review

October 20, 2010
Versatile modern and vintage overdrive
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Boss ST-2 Power Stack Pedal Review

October 20, 2010
A distortion box that specializes in heavy
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Giving to Get: Donate Your Gear

October 13, 2010
Not worth Craigslist or eBay? Donate it!
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Demeter Amplification Compro-1 Compulator Pro Pedal Review

September 21, 2010
Demeter''s Compulator is a useful compressor that gives you more of what you love
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Lovepedal Kalamazoo and RedHead Pedal Reviews

September 15, 2010
A flexible, chimey overdrive and an aggressive, high-gain distortion from Lovepedal are reviewed.
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Now vs. Then: Was it Really Better?

September 8, 2010
Is "then" necessarily better than "now"?
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65Amps Tupelo Combo Amp Review

August 23, 2010
Tupelo has big, vintage-inspired American tones.
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Tune Out, Turn On: A Twist on Tunings

August 12, 2010
Drop your tunings ever lower for inspiration
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