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Articles by Mitch Gallagher

How to Build A Recording Rig, PT. 2

March 9, 2012
1. The Delta 44 interface from M-Audio features a PCI card that mounts inside a computer, and then connects to an external box with audio inputs and outputs. 2.
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How to Build a Recording Rig, Pt. 1

February 10, 2012
The first step is to settle on the centerpiece for your rig and the “support” items that will surround it.
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The Best Gear?

January 10, 2012
Owning gear isn’t the goal. The goal is to create music, and the equipment is simply what you need to reach that goal.
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Noise Begone

December 20, 2011
These tools are amazing—they can take a track that seems way too noisy to ever use and turn it into a much cleaner, nearly noise-free, workable track.
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Hush Up!

November 15, 2011
This month, let’s take a look at things we can do to reduce noise after it’s been recorded into our guitar tracks.
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Silence is Golden

October 18, 2011
The electric guitar can be a noisy beast. I’m talking about the unwanted variety of noise that can accompany an electric guitar—buzz, hum, hiss, radio stations, and more—all picked up by the guitar’s pickups, its wiring, or something else in its signal chain.
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Thickening Agents

September 20, 2011
It’s much easier to capture a fat-sounding track if you have a good, thick guitar tone coming out of your amplifier.
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How to Be Armed and Ready in the Studio

August 16, 2011
Here are some tips for setting up your studio so you can quickly get into action.
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Instant Capture

July 19, 2011
How many times have you come up with a great idea for a lick, riff, or song and said, “I’ve got to remember that,” but then promptly forgot it?
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Happy Accidents

June 14, 2011
If you accidentally capture a track from a mic that was set up in the middle of nowhere, who cares?
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