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Articles by Shawn Hammond

Ron Wood: The Can-Do Man

October 20, 2010
Rolling Stones renaissance man Ron Wood sits down with Premier Guitar to talk about his star-studded new solo album, I Feel Like Playing, his favorite ’55 Strat and tweed Champ, and how he’s managed to conquer the world several times over as both a renowned guitarist and painter.
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Egnater Tweaker Amp Review

October 4, 2010
A variety of tweakable tones in a small box with a small price tag
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CD Review: Middle Class Rut - "No Name No Color"

September 21, 2010
Middle Class Rut''s debut CD is a raucous, bombastic affair with dynamic arrangements and soaring melodies
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Interview: Paul Gilbert - Mr. Shred-Jangles

August 17, 2010
Long dogged and annoyed by the “shred” epithet, Paul Gilbert uses engrained jangle-pop sensibilities, deft tone selection, and jaw-dropping licks to prove he can’t be pigeonholed— even on an all-instrumental album like his new Fuzz Universe
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Matchless Avalon 35 1x12 Combo Amp Review

June 16, 2010
Matchless'' Avalon incorporates partial PC-board construction for more affordable boutique sound
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Knaggs Guitars

April 15, 2010
Storied luthier Joe Knaggs launches his new high-end guitar company. Here''s the story on the past, present and future of Knaggs Guitars.
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