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Articles by Andy Ellis

Interview: Joanne Shaw Taylor - Voodoo Grooves and Guitarmageddon Tones

December 10, 2012
For her third solo album, Almost Always Never, British blues-rocker Joanne Shaw Taylor finds sonic inspiration in her teenage past.
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Album Review: Ed Gerhard - "There and Gone"

November 5, 2012
The solo guitarist’s tunes and beautifully articulated counterpoint unfold slowly, like flower petals opening to the sunrise.
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Album Review: Joanne Shaw Taylor - "Almost Always Never"

October 8, 2012
Joanne Shaw Taylor Almost Always Never Ruf For her third solo album, 26-year-old Joanne Shaw Taylor decided to shake things up musically and creatively by tracking with a different producer
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Interview: Don Felder - Airborne Again

October 3, 2012
After a long hiatus, the guitarist who helped the Eagles soar for 27 years is back with a new solo album, “Road to Forever.”
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Album Review: Kelly Joe Phelps - "Brother Sinner & the Whale"

September 6, 2012
On Brother Sinner & the Whale, KJP sings about loss and redemption using lyrics inspired by the Bible’s Book of Jonah.
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Album Review: Mike Keneally - "Wing Beat Fantastic"

August 10, 2012
This pairing yields a set of quirky, melodic songs that manage to sound catchy while remaining unflinchingly adventurous.
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Album Review: Royal Southern Brotherhood - "Royal Southern Brotherhood"

July 9, 2012
Royal Southern Brotherhood Royal Southern Brotherhood Ruf Records What a cool union! Two musical lineages intertwine in RSB, a new quintet headed by the mighty Cyril Neville. As a member
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Interview: Joe Robinson

July 9, 2012
Super-picker Joe Robinson explains why he went electric on Let Me Introduce You, and describes his journey from hotshot instrumentalist to singer-songwriter.
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GALLERY: Montreal Guitar Show 2012

July 3, 2012
The biennial Montreal Guitar Show is home to some of the world''s most stunning handcrafted electrics, archtops, and acoustics.
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The Secret World of Hindustani Slide

June 8, 2012
Think you know every nook and cranny of the modern guitar world? Think again. Here we take you inside the burgeoning Indian lapslide scene—a place where players from one of the world’s oldest civilizations took inspiration from Hawaiians, created mind-boggling 20-string instruments, and now conjure spellbindingly virtuosic music.
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