Samick Motherlode

December 2014

Articles by Joe Charupakorn

Interview: Coheed and Cambria’s Travis Stever

September 26, 2012
Since the band’s formation in 1995, Coheed and Cambria has put out prog-rock concept albums so epic that there’s a Facebook page called “The Word ‘Epic’ should only be
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MI Audio Megalith Delta Pedal Review

September 12, 2012
The new Megalith Delta is a solid-state version of the Megalith Beta’s preamp in pedal form.
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Interview: Aleks Sever

September 6, 2012
Croatian-descended funk/blues devotee Aleks Sever takes us on her journey from Germany to paying dues in L.A., hobnobbing with Lee Ritenour''s hired guns, and recorded her first instrumental album, Danger Girl.
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Wampler Tweed '57 Pedal Review

September 5, 2012
Wampler Pedals specializes in putting amp tones in a box. The company’s Amp in A Box series—which includes the Triple Wreck, SLOstorion, Plextortion, and Pinnacle pedals— does a valiant
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Analog Alien Alien Twister Pedal Review

September 5, 2012
The Alien Twister was inspired by the Diaz Texas Square Face pedal used by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan.
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Interview: Steve Vai - The Gospel According to Steve

August 10, 2012
The revered prophet of the 6- and 7-string parts the shroud to reveal the mysteries of his tones, compositions, and gear on "The Story of Light."
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Fractal Axe-FX II Preamp FX Processor Review

July 9, 2012
“This thing is the greatest invention ever for electric guitarists,” Dweezil Zappa told Premier Guitar at last year’s LA Amp Show as he gushed over Fractal Audio’s new Axe-Fx
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Interview: Wayne Krantz - Inside the Beat

June 27, 2012
The jazz-fusion guru discusses his new star-studded album Howie 61.
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Interview: Mark Tremonti and his musical alter egos

June 20, 2012
Tremonti gives us a candid, firsthand look at the making of his debut solo album, All I Was, tells us how he juggles his solo career with Creed and Alter Bridge, and reveals his secret desire to be a blues/fusion guitarist.
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Interview: Adestria - Young, Hungry, and Taking Chances

June 8, 2012
Adestria guitarists Russell Klein and Brian Stump reveal the serendipity that led to forming their 6-piece metalcore outfit—which in four short years has hammered out a stunningly brutal sound full of intricate layers, time signatures, and catchy melodies.
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