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Articles by Peter Thorn

5 Mistakes Guitarists Commonly Make

June 21, 2011
How you can avoid falling victim!
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Psychology of a Working Guitarist

May 23, 2011
How personality spells success as a working guitarist
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Turn it Down—A Guitarist’s Guide to Controlling Volume

May 2, 2011
Pete Thorn talks about various options to control your volume, while still maintaining your tone.
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The Working Guitarist: Different Approaches to Guitar Effects

March 23, 2011
Pedalboards, effects loops, or wet/dry/wet rigs, Peter Thorn explains each approach to effects.
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The Working Guitarist: You've Got the Gig, Now Learn Those Songs!

February 23, 2011
How to cram an entire library of tunes into a short window of learning.
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The Working Guitarist: The Home Studio

January 26, 2011
Pete shows you his studio, along with some home recording tips.
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The Working Guitarist: Your B-Rig - Getting Great Tones With Minimal Gear

December 31, 2010
Pete Thorn discusses two approaches to downsizing your rig for travel.
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