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Articles by Heiko Hoepfinger

Custom or Boutique?

February 4, 2013
LEFT: For an instrument to be boutique, it should be in some way personal. MIDDLE: Mike Sabre builds basses with passion. This is his new Dominique Di Piazza Signature
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The Ergonomic Bass

January 9, 2013
The idea that one instrument can be optimized for all musical styles, situations, and players is an illusion, and many new luthiers have to learn this the hard way.
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Bass Guitar Bodies: Fact or Fiction?

December 10, 2012
And when it comes to an instrument being qualified for a style of music, it’s odd how the body’s shape and color can delude us.
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Bass Necks: Adjustability and Resonance

November 5, 2012
Fig. 1: Do you like to experiment? Try shifting a neck’s resonance by adding temporary mass with a clamp. In their quest for tone, most bass players experiment by
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What the Heck is with that Neck?

October 8, 2012
Fig. 1: Standard neck shapes. Fig. 2: A trapeze neck profile. Fig. 3: A wave neck profile. Do you remember how you chose your first bass? There’s a good
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Piezo and Optical Bass Pickups

September 5, 2012
The piezo transducer has mainly found its niche in acoustic instruments, while optical pickups still fight for visibility.
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Choosing Magnetic Bass Pickups

August 10, 2012
Once you’ve stated your goals, you can investigate how manufacturers describe their products and then figure out how your goals and these descriptions fit together.
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From Strings to Voltage

July 9, 2012
Fig. 1 The most popular bass pickup shapes in historical order from older (top) to newer designs. Fig. 2 A single-coil pickup with magnets, bobbin, and final wiring. So
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Active Versus Passive Tone Controls

June 8, 2012
To gain more control over our sound, should we turn to onboard active electronics or simply rely on our amps to do the job instead?
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Passive Tone Controls

May 11, 2012
Let’s stay with the “cheap and easy” theme this month and explore passive tone controls.
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Cheap and Easy Bass Mods

April 6, 2012
Two cheap and non-destructive mods that add functionality and tonal variety to your instrument.
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Bass Mods - When, Where, and Why?

March 9, 2012
$0$0 As bassists, we’re used to peering into control cavities like this, but our guitarist buddies might faint at the sight.$0 $0Low-enders! Welcome to the Bass Bench, my new column
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