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Articles by Anthony Lucas

Breaking in Your Speakers

March 17, 2009
Why a broken in speaker sounds different, and how to capture that sound with a new speaker
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Controlling Speaker Breakup

December 16, 2008
How speakers break up, and what you can do to control the noise.
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Optimizing Mids and Highs

November 11, 2008
How speaker characteristics affect mids and highs
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Speaker Selection Explained

October 15, 2008
I’m often asked, “What is the best speaker for this amp, playing style or artist’s tone?” “Best” is very subjective! My token answer is always, “What characteristics are important to
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Magnetic Motors, Pt. 2

September 9, 2008
This month we dive into the basics behind speaker manufacturing, magnetic motors.
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Magnetic Motors, Pt. 1

August 15, 2008
Big Tony lets us in on all the little secrets about speaker magnets.
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Shattering Speaker Pairing Misconceptions

July 10, 2008
Mixing guitar speakers is one of the most frequent topics I receive inquiries about. This tonal experiment gets a lot of hype, and for good reason. It’s a lot
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A Mad Professor Selects Speakers

June 10, 2008
This month we talk to Björn Juhl, amp and pedal designer from BJF Electronics and featured Scandinavian boutique amp and effects company, Mad Professor. What’s the process for creating a
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Blackheart’s Speaker Selection Explained

May 12, 2008
This month, Anthony "Big Tony" Lucas sits down with Pyotr Belov and the converse about coming up with new amp ideas.
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The Wonder of Tubewonder

April 9, 2008
This month I spoke with Aleksander Niemand from Tubewonder about amp design and speaker selection. What’s the process for creating a new amp? Are you trying to fill a niche
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