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Articles by John Brown

1963 Fender Jazzmaster: Formulating Its True Identity

January 15, 2009
A ''63 Jazzmaster comes in for a refinish
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Rewinding a 1971 Fender Jazz Pickup

December 16, 2008
John Brown does some rewinding on a classic 1971 J Bass pickup
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Where Are My Tuner Bushings?

November 11, 2008
Have you ever found yourself at a gig and you break a string on stage? You hand the guitar to your tech, he restrings it, and when you get
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Weathering the Dry Season

October 13, 2008
I hope you all had a very nice summer doing all the things you enjoy this time of year. Here in Minnesota it’s beginning to really feel like fall. The
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A Pot Cleaning Miracle!

September 9, 2008
Another segment in our ongoing series of "Restoring of an Original." This month we tackle restoring a potentiometer''s performance.
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 7

August 15, 2008
John concludes his restoration of a vintage Martin
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1921 Martin O-18, Pt. 6

July 10, 2008
It’s nice to have you back for another adventure in Restoring an Original. Last month we began the re-fretting process by taking relief measurements with and without string tension
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 5

June 10, 2008
Welcome back to our fifth installment, detailing the restoration of a 1921 Martin 0-18. Last month we addressed the warped soundboard and bridge plate caused by the more than
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 4

May 12, 2008
Another addition to the continuing project of restoring a 1921 Martin 0-18. This month we take a look at the soundhole and re-gluing the bridge.
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 3

April 9, 2008
Welcome back to the wonderful world of restoration! This 1921 Martin 0-18 resides in the state of Minnesota and has seen its share of cold and dangerously dry weather
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 2

March 11, 2008
I am excited to get started and share the restoration of this wonderful, early Martin. In last month’s column, we assessed the damage and made a list of concerns
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1921 Martin O-18

February 8, 2008
From the very first installment of this column, the topic has always focused on solidbody or semi-hollowbody guitar restorations, prompting the question, “Do you ever work on acoustic guitars
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Refinishing a ‘60s Blonde Tele, Pt. 2

January 9, 2008
Welcome back to another day in our refinishing department as we continue restoring a 1960 Fender Telecaster to its original blonde finish. Last month we applied the vinyl sealer,
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Refinishing a ‘60s Blonde Tele

December 11, 2007
This has been a busy month. We’re getting our instruments ready for the NAMM show that’s held every January in Anaheim. During this time, our repair department continues to busily
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Rebuilding ‘50s Kluson Tuners

November 9, 2007
This month, we’ll be resurrecting some original Kluson tuners from a ‘55 Gibson ES-225T. I was able to date the tuners by referencing a few of their features. The
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'55 Gibson ES-125

October 10, 2007
On our workbench this month is a Gibson ES-125, which came to us with a collapsed top. It had been this way for years but, as of late, had
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Kahler Hybrid 7300 Tremolo Install

September 10, 2007
In the early ‘80s, I was basically living out of my suitcase, eating Top Ramen twice a day and being a rockstar at night. The band was performing wherever
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‘65 Gibson SG, Pt. 7

August 8, 2007
The final steps in our journey mending the SG.
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‘65 Gibson SG, Pt. 6

July 11, 2007
This month we will be completing this portion of the rebuilding stage
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‘65 Gibson SG, Pt. 5

June 12, 2007
We left off last month by completeing the installation of the two reinforcement splines, leveling and finalizing the prep work. We are now ready to do the finish touchup.
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