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Articles by John Brown

1963 Fender Jazzmaster: Formulating Its True Identity

January 15, 2009
A ''63 Jazzmaster comes in for a refinish
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Rewinding a 1971 Fender Jazz Pickup

December 16, 2008
John Brown does some rewinding on a classic 1971 J Bass pickup
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Where Are My Tuner Bushings?

November 11, 2008
Have you ever found yourself at a gig and you break a string on stage? You hand the guitar to your tech, he restrings it, and when you get
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Weathering the Dry Season

October 13, 2008
I hope you all had a very nice summer doing all the things you enjoy this time of year. Here in Minnesota it’s beginning to really feel like fall. The
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A Pot Cleaning Miracle!

September 9, 2008
Another segment in our ongoing series of "Restoring of an Original." This month we tackle restoring a potentiometer''s performance.
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 7

August 15, 2008
John concludes his restoration of a vintage Martin
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1921 Martin O-18, Pt. 6

July 10, 2008
It’s nice to have you back for another adventure in Restoring an Original. Last month we began the re-fretting process by taking relief measurements with and without string tension
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 5

June 10, 2008
Welcome back to our fifth installment, detailing the restoration of a 1921 Martin 0-18. Last month we addressed the warped soundboard and bridge plate caused by the more than
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 4

May 12, 2008
Another addition to the continuing project of restoring a 1921 Martin 0-18. This month we take a look at the soundhole and re-gluing the bridge.
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1921 Martin 0-18, Pt. 3

April 9, 2008
Welcome back to the wonderful world of restoration! This 1921 Martin 0-18 resides in the state of Minnesota and has seen its share of cold and dangerously dry weather
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