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Articles by John Brown

‘65 Gibson SG, Pt 4

May 14, 2007
This month’s Restoring an Original begins with trimming down the mahogany reinforcement splines flush to the neck
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‘65 Gibson SG, Pt. 3

April 12, 2007
After 48 hours, the clamp was removed and the remaining damaged areas were drop-filled with cynoacrylate glue and surfaced leveled for strengthening purposes before routing the neck and installing the reinforcement splines.
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Gibson Les Paul TV, Pt. 4

March 19, 2007
In last month’s issue I had finally completed excavating this very thick, non-original white topcoat, revealing the original, nicely aged finish, “TV Yellow”.
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Gibson Les Paul TV, Pt.3

March 19, 2007
Reflecting back to last month’s issue, I was implementing a variety of techniques using Q-Tips, explorers, denatured alcohol, acetone, and buffing pads. It was all about removing this very thick, dull, non-original white paint to reveal the original TV Yellow. The serial number was unveiled in its entirety and the research supported that our guitar is a ’59 Gibson Les Paul TV.
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‘65 GIBSON SG, Pt. 2

March 16, 2007
After the truss rod threads and nut are waxed, I use a drop-fill toothpick and hair dryer to apply the System Three epoxy.
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‘65 Gibson SG

March 15, 2007
Welcome to this month’s restoration project, which features a ‘65 Gibson SG, sporting P-90 pickups, in need of serious headstock repair.
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