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Articles by Jim Bastian

Some Ramblings on Vintage Originality

May 12, 2008
Jim Bastian weighs the importance of original cases in vintage value
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Two Rare Birds Jazz Guitarists Will Love

April 9, 2008
In keeping with PG’s theme this month of unique, rare instruments and accessories, we are going to look at two rare birds among jazz amplifiers. Since the beginnings of our
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Tal Farlow: Reluctant Jazz Great and His Gibson Model

March 11, 2008
--> Though most TF models featured a scroll designed by Tal in the horn of the upper bout, this example from 1964 does not. This month we are celebrating
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Johnny Smith: Extraordinary Man, Extraordinary Guitar

February 8, 2008
Johnny Smith once said of himself that he wasn’t a jazz guitarist, but don’t believe it for a minute. Ever the humble, reserved homebody, Smith did as much as
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Being George Benson, Pt. 2

January 9, 2008
Welcome back to the world of George Benson! Anyone who has seen the fairly new George Benson DVD, The Art of Jazz Guitar, is reminded of Benson’s virtuosic jazz
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Being George Benson, Pt. 1

December 11, 2007
There has been only one player through modern pop and jazz history who consistently delivers amazing solos, regardless of the style: George Benson. Who but George could play on
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It’s All Relative, Pt. II

November 9, 2007
Last month we discussed the differences between perfect pitch and relative pitch. Today, we are going to look at concrete things players can do to develop a sense of relative
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Pitch - It’s All Perfectly Relative

October 10, 2007
As I sat down to write this column, my cell phone began beeping at the same pitch, over and over. Immediately I knew that the pitch was an interval
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Everyone Raise Your Hands

September 10, 2007
How many of you have had trouble developing a right-hand, or left-hand, picking technique that you are happy and comfortable with? I have rarely met a student or player
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Barney Kessel’s Lines

August 8, 2007
Jazz magic from a Godfather of jazz combos.
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Gibson and Barney Kessel

July 11, 2007
Signature BK''s: Two Models for One Man
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A Jazz Guitar Major: Pros and Cons

June 12, 2007
This is the time when many younger guitar players are finalizing plans for formal music study in the fall
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Why We Collect

May 14, 2007
Many serious players put tonal characteristics before anything else
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Vintage Jazz Guitar Market - Bullish, Bearish, or Biased?

April 12, 2007
Today’s Hardball topic deals with the vintage guitar market from a different point of view: the ever-so-slanted perspective of the jazz guitarist. We are all aware of the ongoing
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Why Johnny Can’t Read

March 19, 2007
Any non-reading guitarist who has ever been asked to accompany someone via reading their music, been asked to learn a song from written notes or been asked to perform by sight-reading a piece of sheet music knows the awkwardness that always accompanies the reply, “I can’t read".
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